Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung and its time to get your water feature ready for the season. Today I will go over if you should completely drain your pond or leave it alone.

To decide whether or not you need to completely pump out your pond or simply just do some light cleaning.  We ask our clients to consider the following: how many and what size fish do you have, do you have a skimmer or under gravel filter, do you have a great deal of leaf litter or muck in the bottom, when was the last time it was completely drained?

By asking these questions we can determine what is right for you. If you have a pond with a small quantity of fish compared to its size and little to no litter or muck then most likely you can get away with simply cleaning your filters, adjusting the rock work as needed, reinstalling the pump and adding your first dose of starter bacteria. However if we find you have the opposite then a full pump out is needed! This will give your pond a fresh start for the season and most likely eliminate all together any nuisance algae problems later on as well as possible fish diseases. Other benefits include the ability to change and replace underwater blown bulbs, fertilize and divide water plants, inspect the interior of the pond in detail, inspect under gravel filters for failure and easily adjust fish caves and the like that are difficult to do underwater.

Some other things to consider is the type of filtration you have installed with in your pond. Most ponds today are built with a skimmer system which eliminates most floating debris before they have a chance to break down and dissolve in the water column. However waste that does fall to the bottom eventually needs to be removed via draining the pond. Typically you never want to go more than 2 years without pumping down your pond with a skimmer system. Ideally annual is best. For those with older under gravel filters  it was common place to say you could go 5 years in between cleanings but that is now found to be incorrect.  An under gravel system that has gone 5 years without cleaning is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. Especially if these systems that are subject to heavy leaf litter typically clog in 3 years and by years 4 and 5 rapidly decline and become almost unserviceable. If you have an older under gravel system we recommend that you speak to us about possible upgrades and ways to avoid failure! Under gravel systems should be cleaned every 2-3 years or annually if your pond is over stocked!!

We offer fast and dependable spring cleaning services on all water features, ponds, pondless waterfalls, and fountains. Contact us for a quote!

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