So you want a Koi Pond!? Now what?!

Okay so you have thought long and hard about that blank space in your yard and you have decided you want a pond. Now what do you do? Do you run out and go buy a shovel and some parts from your local big box home store or do you call your local do-it-all landscapers up the street? Well let us talk about the options to help you make the right choice.

First you need to ask yourself one big question. Do you have the skills, time, and tools to build what you have envisioned for your yard? Do you have all of the details worked out and just need some quality supplies? If you answered “Yes” then by all means you should go ahead and build that koi pond! But please make sure you do your homework on how to properly install it, check your local codes, and buy your materials from a local pond shop. The materials and parts to put in your pond and the foundation to what your fish and plants will live in and if they fail so will your ecosystem and your vision.

Now lets say you answered “No” to at least one of the above or you don’t have the details worked out. (As I am sure many don’t) What do you do? First you should call all of the local “pond builders”. What I mean is not “abc lawn mowing and landscape” you should call an experienced full service pond builder and service provider. Ponds and Water Features are one of the more complex items to design and install when compared to most other landscape elements and you want to be sure your koi pond is done right the first time ! Many landscapers advertise that they do water features. However how many have they installed and do they maintain them and offer products and support after the sale?

Now you have called the pond guys and set up a meeting with both decision makers. You offered to pay the consulting fee because you are really serious about building a pond and you are super excited! When the company representative comes out be sure to offer your ideas but also make sure to keep an open mind on the layout and design of your koi pond. These guys are the experts and can help you achieve the best enjoyment out of your investment in ways you have not even thought of. Once you get all of the quotes make sure to choose the pond builder that best fits you and offers the most value which is not always the least expensive. Good Luck and Enjoy the process of designing and envisioning.

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