Pond Or Pondless?

Pondless? What is that? How can you have a pond without a pond? The answer is simple! A Pondless Waterfall!
Many people who love the idea of having a flowing, babbling, cascading and soothing waterfall in their backyard are not always so excited about the pond part of it they think they need. Why would someone not want a pond you ask? Simple! They may not want an open body of water for very young children to be around, or they may not have the space for a big pond, or they may travel a great deal and don’t want to have to have the pump running 24/7 like you do with a pond.
The solution is a very low maintenance water feature that is strictly a re circulating waterfall and/ or stream. They can be any size and be installed in just about any spot in your yard or business. Because there are no fish and oxygen levels to be maintained there is no need to run the pump when you are not enjoying it. Pondless waterfalls tend to be lower cost in both operation and installation over a pond. They also can be expanded into a pond at a later date with ease or built as a Rain Water Harvesting system.
Overall a Pondless waterfall is a great alternative to those of you that want the sound and cheer with out the fishy friends. Check out our “Pondless Waterfall” Page for more info and visit our gallery to get some great ideas.

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