Pond Care Tip Series #1

Welcome to the first of Aquatopia’s Pond Care Tip Series. I will Highlight new tips to help you maintain a healthy balanced ecosystem within your backyard pond.


Tip #1

After your spring cleaning of your pond it is vital that bacteria is added regularly . Typically every 2 weeks to ensure your water stays clear and clean. The time between spring and summer is a tricky time for your pond because your water plants are not yet awake to take up nutrients and shade your pond. Sharp temperature swings, bright sunny days, and cool nights will open the door for algae to take off if a large population of bacteria are not present.  Fertilizing your water plants will ensure they wake up sooner and are able to start filtering your pond more effectively.

Check back soon to read more tips about your Water feature, Pond, Fountain, or Pondless waterfall!


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