Pond Care Tip #2 Koi Fish and Plants

In this Pond Care tip we will talk about the importance of fish and plants in your pond.

Koi are loved by many and are the reason many put ponds in but did you know they hold an essential part to a balanced ecosystem? Koi eat algae, insect larvae, tadpoles and just about anything that will fit in their mouth. They eat and process this food to keep it in check. Their waste is then left for plants to uptake for growth and flowers.


Where People go wrong is when they have too many fish and not enough plants to balance out the system. Too much fish, feeding excessively, and little to no plant material is a perfect recipe for green murky water and the need to rely heavily on water treatments!


If you are having a hard time balancing your pond Aquatopia can help you achieve that balance. Contact us with your pond details and we can give you the quantities of each you should have.

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