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Does your pond have the Winter Blues?!

I think everyone about this time of year starts to have the winter blues. Winter is getting old and we all just want the weather to warm up and bring spring.Well why we wait for mother nature to bring spring…

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Fall Pond Care

Well it's that time of year to start thinking about getting your fish tucked in for the winter in your koi pond. Some things to remember are below and don't forget if you need supplies or help getting your pond…

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Pond Care Tip #2 Koi Fish and Plants

In this Pond Care tip we will talk about the importance of fish and plants in your pond. Koi are loved by many and are the reason many put ponds in but did you know they hold an essential part…

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Pond Care Tip Series #1

Welcome to the first of Aquatopia's Pond Care Tip Series. I will Highlight new tips to help you maintain a healthy balanced ecosystem within your backyard pond.

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Spring Has Sprung!

To decide whether or not you need to completely pump out your pond or simply just do some light cleaning. We ask our clients to consider the following: how many and what size fish do you have, do you have…


So you want a Koi Pond!? Now what?!

Okay so you have thought long and hard about that blank space in your yard and you have decided you want a pond. Now what do you do?


How Rain Harvesting Can Save You Money

Rain water harvesting is a new term for most american households. But in our distant and not so distant past when municipal water systems and indoor plumbing were non existent rain harvesting was a necessity.


5 Reasons You Need a Backyard Pond

Backyard ponds have been the desire of many to beautify and enhance their yard. Some of us have taken the plunge while others like the idea but are afraid it will be too much to take care of and sweep…


Pond Or Pondless?

Many people who love the idea of having a flowing, babbling, cascading and soothing waterfall in their backyard are not always so excited about the pond part of it they think they need. Why would someone not want a pond…

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Does your pond have the Winter Blues?!