5 Reasons You Need a Backyard Pond

5 Reasons You Need a Pond
Backyard ponds have been the desire of many to beautify and enhance their yard. Some of us have taken the plunge while others like the idea but are afraid it will be too much to take care of and sweep the idea under the rug. But what I want to to tell you are 5 reasons why you NEED to have a pond with all wants and reservations aside.
  1. The modern backyard water feature requires less maintenance than the same space occupied by a well groomed section of turf grass. It requires less water and no fertilizers,pesticides,or insecticides that can leach into your local water source. So by putting a fish pond in your actually saving water and protecting resources.
  2. Many newly developed housing has been striped of what was once lush forest or grass lands. Leaving the lands once vast biodiversity destroyed and greatly impacted. By putting in a garden pond you welcome and develop new habitat for those creatures that have been damaged by urban development.
  3. The average American today works long stressful hours and spends thousands of dollars on medications and therapy. The sound from a running waterfall is a natural stress reliever that can ben enjoyed either outside while in your favorite lounge chair or next to an open window on those rainy days. Why not heal your body and soul the natural way.
  4. Many parents today believe that their kids spend way to much time in front of electronic devices instead of playing outside. If you have kids or grandkids a fish pond will provide hours or endless fun and learning to young and older children alike. In fact many schools have called on Aquatopia to build ponds for their students to aid in learning for all subjects of study.
  5. The last and biggest reason you NEED a Pond is if you are selling your home or  want your property value to increase for a home equity loan. A well designed and properly installed pond will increase your homes value by as much as 25% or more. A backyard water feature above all other improvements will give the best return on investment hands down. I strongly believe the reason this is true is because of numbers 1-4 above!
I think its time to satisfy this need don’t you?

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